Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Roof Damage | Tarping

This home withstood the elements! An LA Rain storm wrecked havoc on this roof. Extensive tarping and board up was necessary. This services helps protect your pr... READ MORE

Air Vent | Duct Cleaning

Commercial air vents and registers collect dust & debris regularly. Because of that, regular cleaning is recommended to keep your facilities air as pure as ... READ MORE

Garage Fire | Roof Tarping

Catastrophic damage was caused by this garage fire. Although the fire originated in the garage, the smoke and ash spread throughout the entire house and air ven... READ MORE

Fire Board-up

When a fire breaks out at your property, serious damage can be done. This damage can result in your property being exposed to the elements. Because of this most... READ MORE

Rusted Pipe Water Damage

This is a sight homeowners never want to see... A broken pipe and their ceiling opened up. It happens and SERVPRO® is here to help you get through that time... READ MORE

Residential Garage Fire

An electrical issue in this garage was the source of a disastrous fire. Sadly this fire affected not one, but multiple garages of this apartment complex. The ce... READ MORE

Parking Garage Water Leak

A building with a lot of pipes is a building with a lot of water. When you drive in a parking garage you see a lot of pipes. These pipes rarely get replaced. Be... READ MORE

Specialty Commercial Tarping: Compton

A crucial part of a dry out system is the containment. This protects moisture from entering the drying area. But what if you're project is under construction an... READ MORE

Commercial Warehouse Fire & Water Damage

Smoke engulfed this commercial warehouse as a fire broke out near one of the pallets. Fire fighters were called onsite to extinguish the flames. Their efforts h... READ MORE

Large Loss: Water Damage - Compton

What you see in these pictures is just the small extent of this massive water loss. All 3 floors of this commercial facility was damaged due to water damage fro... READ MORE