Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Rusted Pipe Water Damage

This is a sight homeowners never want to see... A broken pipe and their ceiling opened up. It happens and SERVPRO® is here to help you get through that time... READ MORE

Parking Garage Water Leak

A building with a lot of pipes is a building with a lot of water. When you drive in a parking garage you see a lot of pipes. These pipes rarely get replaced. Be... READ MORE

Large Loss: Water Damage - Compton

What you see in these pictures is just the small extent of this massive water loss. All 3 floors of this commercial facility was damaged due to water damage fro... READ MORE

Parking Structure Clean-Up

This commercial commercial building suffered an unfortunate water loss. This parking structure was at the forefront of the damage of the loss. A few stories up ... READ MORE

Flooded Elevator Shaft

This flood took place at a High School, down 3 flights of stairs. The hallways and rooms were flooded up to about 6in. The elevator shaft was flooded a couple o... READ MORE

Bathtub Restoration: Black Water

Sewage back ups are a messy situation. Common in toilets, but can still happen in bathtubs as we see in the picture above. Sewage water forced its way up throug... READ MORE