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candle fire bathroom restoration clean-up near me compton

Bathroom Candle Fire

Never leave an open flame unattended are words to live by. A candle was left on the toilet of this bath. You can see a majority of the damage in the picture, but the whole house was affected by soot and smoke damage. The situation was quickly assessed by our team of technicians and cleaned so the homeowner could get their home back.

confined space inspection water extraction crawl space near me compton

Confined Space Water Extraction

Confined space inspections and extractions usually requires a skilled technician to perform their work beneath the property in the crawl space. Our technicians dawn the proper PPE to safely inspect these confined areas. Our customers thank our technicians for their hard skilled work in these spaces.

specialty commercial facility clean-up school property cleaning compton

Commercial Debris Removal

We like to get our hands dirty at SERVPRO® with water and fire damage. There is a lot we do to find solutions for our clients. We always say Yes! 

The picture shown is a demolition and debris removal project for a client.

specialty cleaning disinfection electrostatic spraying covid19 virus protection near me compton

Electrostatic Technology

Electrostatic technology is a fast and effective way to disinfect an area or facility. But is it just for show? Certainly not! Electrostatic spraying and fogging are ways to combat virus particles on surfaces. To find out more about how Electrostatic Technology works, visit our blog

commercial covid19 sanitation wiping hard surfaces cleaning near me compton

COVID-19 Proactive Cleaning

As businesses reopen, its employees and customers need to feel safe. Businesses have taken preventative measures to make sure their facility is as clean as it could be. Ask yourself, is your facility as clean as it could be? SERVPRO of Compton provides proactive cleaning and wiping of hard surfaces to keep your business safe.   

bathroom remediation near me water damage compton repair

Commercial Restroom Restoration

"I'll hold it," is what we said when we saw this photo. Water restoration is a technical process. The technical aspect of it comes from first tracking the water, then setting up the drying system. This photo highlights tracking the water. Those blue pieces of tape...Those indicate where the water has traveled along the wall. Note how high those marks are.

water damage crawl space inspection near me compton restoration

Crawl Space Inspection

Crawl space inspections are crucial to remediation work. Why look under the house anyway? These inspections provide us with valuable information. It tells us where the damage may have started or how much it spread. We may find pipe damage that could've lead to water or sewage leaks. And due to it's dark cool atmosphere, it makes a great place for mold to grow. We love to suit up and inspect these spaces as it will tell us a lot about your water damage problem.

commercial fire damage electrical fire clean-up near me compton

When the Firefighters Call SERVPRO®...

What do the firefighters do when they have a fire? They fight it! But like every fire, after the flames are put out you're left with ash, soot, and water damage. That's when the firefighters call SERVPRO® of Compton. After flames took over one fire academy, the firefighters need professionals to do the clean-up. It was a pleasure working with our emergency responders and getting their facility restored. 

commercial large loss storm damage roof tarping compton near me

Large Loss: Compton Commercial Facility

After a storm wrecks havoc on your commercial property, who would you call? A plumber? Likely not. This commercial facility was under construction in Compton when it was completely flooded out. All floors received heavy water damage from winter rains.

The goal? Minimize business interruption while drying out the facility. We made sure the other workers there were able to perform their jobs as we worked around them. Could your mitigation company say that? Give SERVPRO® of Compton a try and we'll make it "Like it never even happened."

water drain clog on roof gutter compton

Water Drain Clog

What can we learn from this picture...

1) Storms can cause be an overwhelming problem.

2) Clean your gutters. Clean gutters mean when that storm does come it won't clog the gutters and make a muddy mess.

water damage mitigation professionals Compton

Home Water Damage in Compton

Water damage effects everything it touches. When a floor is affected by water damage, processes are in place to dry it or remove it. Drying in place is always the best, depending on the severity however, flooring may need to be removed. 

commercial sanitation and disinfection near me compton

SERVPRO® of Compton is Your Fast Mitigation Company!

When disaster strikes, who will you call? It's true in large water and fire losses, plumbers and firefighters need to be called. But once they leave, you're still stuck with a disaster. SERVPRO® of Compton is your faster mitigation company to get your business back running as soon as possible, "Like it never even happened."

commercial fire warehouse near me compton

Commercial Warehouse Fire

This diesel truck experienced an unfortunate fire damage case. Not only did the fire spread to the truck next to it, it hopped to the attached warehouse which also suffered fire damage. SERVPRO® was on the job fast! Restoration began with soot cleaning and debris removal. Specialty machines were placed to remove smoke smell within warehouse.  

electrostatic disinfection sanitation clean-up near me compton

Electrostatic Disinfection

Electrostatic Spraying is way to apply cleaners and disinfectants to surfaces and objects. As the solution passes through the sprayer the particles become positively charged. These positively charged particles aggressively stick to surfaces and objects. An excellent way to sanitize your property!

fire damage smoke damage house clean-up

House Fire in Compton, CA

This close up of the Kitchen Fire in Compton allows you to see a better view of the damage. The smoke did a real number on the walls, cabinets, and ceilings. Aside from the smoke, the water used to put out the fire also added to the damage caused.

roof tarping for storm and rain damage

Roof Tarping Due to Storm

This is key evidence of good preparation and planning. A storm can make or break your roof. Tarping in preparation for a storm can ensure a dry interior, which something we all love. 

commercial kitchen deep cleaning near me compton

Commercial Cleaning: Kitchen Equipment

Commercial kitchen safety is crucial for the health of the employees and customers. Strict cleaning guidelines must be followed in order maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen. (Pictured: Kitchen equipment being cleaned)

homeless encampment cleaning near me

Homeless Encampment Clean-Up

Cleaning a homeless encampment can pose a variety of threats. It could expose workers to bodily fluids or hazardous materials such as needles. SERVPRO® of Compton takes great care in keeping everyone safe on a job-site. Our client was extremely happy with the work and how we disposed of everything. 

workplace safety sanitation near me

Workplace Safety with SERVPRO®

Great efforts go into making your business look the best and feel safe. Your property's cleanliness is our priority on sanitation jobs. A thorough inspection both before and after will ensure you of our standards when it comes to deep cleaning. Keep your workplace safe, for both employees & customers. 

covid cleaning sanitation near me

Microfiber Technology & Steam Cleaning

When it comes to COVID-19 disinfection, you can never get too clean. We utilize Microfiber technology, a type of clothe that wipes down surfaces on a micron level. Along with that is Steaming, a process that sanitizes a surface using only water and heat. Are you utilizing these methods of cleaning at your facility?

document restoration near me water damage

Document Water Damage

When flooding happens at your property, you might think certain items aren't salvageable due to their damage. SERVPRO of Compton uses state of the art technology to recover and restore your documents and other valuables! 

SERVPRO of compton available 24/7 - image of SERVPRO vehicles at night by building

SERVPRO of Compton: Available 24/7

Emergency services are the nature of our business. When disaster strikes, you need someone to call. Why not call SERVPRO of Compton? We're ready to mobilize 24/7 for your emergency service needs.

water damage mitigation professionals Compton

Thermal Imaging - Water Damage

Water Detection is key in creating a drying system. If all the water isn't tracked or identified properly, the environment may take longer to dry. Thermal Imaging is a technology we use to make sure we find all the water at a loss.

roof water damage near Compton

Standing Roof Water

This picture is proof as to why roof inspections are so important after a major storm event. You may not see signs of water damage right away, but standing water on your roof can wear your roof down. Eventually, the water would find its way inside. SERVPRO of Compton is all about making water damage disappear!

kitchen appliance fire damage near Compton

Kitchen Appliance Fire in Compton

This toaster got toasted!! Electrical fires are all too common in kitchens, and can have disastrous effects. It's important to check that all appliances are plugged in correctly and not 'daisy chained' through a surge protector. That's how kitchen fires start!

SERVPRO crew deep cleaning an office.

Commercial Sanitation

Great efforts go into making your business look the best. Your property's cleanliness is our priority on sanitation jobs. A thorough inspection both before and after will ensure you of our standards when it comes to deep cleaning.

Parking lot overview with SERVPRO trucks lining the roads.

SERVPRO® of Compton is Your Faster Mitigation Company!

When disaster strikes, who will you call? It's true in large water and fire losses, plumbers and firefighters need to be called. But once they leave, you're still stuck with a disaster. SERVPRO® of Compton is your faster mitigation company to get your business back running as soon as possible, "Like it never even happened."

A dusty & dirty air vent

Air Duct & Register Cleaning

After days, weeks, months, or years of use, your air ducts need attention. They collect dust, dirt, and pollen. When gone untreated, that collection sits there circulating through your HVAC system. Here you can see the vents after a length of time gone untouched. Imagine the particles you could breathe in due to poor duct maintenance!

A bedroom covered in smoke and soot.

Fire Damage Clean-up

The aftermath of a Fire can be a traumatic experience. This photo shows the true power of Smoke, Soot, & Ash. It can cover everything, to every corner and every fiber. A deep cleaning must take place. Layers of Soot and Ash need to be removed. Sanitation of those areas will ensure their cleanliness, and odor elimination will help with the smell of Smoke.

SERVPRO technician extracting water in a bathroom

Commercial Water Extraction

Water Extraction is a way to collect large amounts of water. If your toilet overflowed or fire sprinklers went off, you probably have a lot of water on the ground. The water removal process begins almost immediately and removes the majority of the water. Powerful pumps and vacuum units quickly remove hundreds or thousands of gallons from your property, which helps prevent secondary water damage and mold growth.