Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Air Vent | Duct Cleaning

Commercial air vents and registers collect dust & debris regularly. Because of that, regular cleaning is recommended to keep your facilities air as pure as ... READ MORE

Commercial Warehouse Fire & Water Damage

Smoke engulfed this commercial warehouse as a fire broke out near one of the pallets. Fire fighters were called onsite to extinguish the flames. Their efforts h... READ MORE

Deep Cleaning: Commercial Floor in Compton

Day to day foot traffic in your commercial facility will naturally create a build up of dirt. This is especially true for carpeted areas, which darken over time... READ MORE

Air Register & Vent Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is recommended every 2-5 years depending on the circumstances. Dust and dirt can accumulate quick, and those particles can spread throughout y... READ MORE

Encampment Clean-Up - Commercial Property

Unfortunately, homeless encampments are more and more common in all our communities. This abandoned encampment was found behind a commercial building. Due to sa... READ MORE

Deep Fryer Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is crucial in a kitchen environment. All equipment must be cleaned daily to ensure a sanitary facility and safety. Shown is a deep fryer, a ... READ MORE